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  1. ghantaukay

    [Want to Buy] Wanna buy a Karaoke system

    Guys.My gf is a pro singer. I intend to buy her a karaoke system...full blown ....with microphones and the whole thing...can u suggest one available in India...price between 20 to 25 Grand
  2. A

    free karaoke mp3 hindi old and new songs no vocal

    I have tried so many places not found. tell me some links where can i down load hindi new and old karaoke songs free?helpme there should be no vocal in the songs .
  3. rezurect007

    How to delete vocal in mp3?

    Can someone tell or teach me how to take out a vocal in a mp3?? As no karaoke version is available. thank you guys in advance.
  4. P

    Which microphone/headphone set ?

    I want to record my voice over karaoke tracks.Which microphone/headphone set would be best for it?
  5. curioustechy

    karaoke creator

    how can i create karaoke from an audio/video song
  6. M

    Is Making Karaoke Possible ??

    Dear Friends, I have some regional / local language songs sung by my relatives................i want to make a karaoke of it. Is it possible ??? My few friends are of the opinion that it can be done but it requires to buy expensive softwares. Is it true ? PLease...
  7. ajaybc

    Is there any softwares to create karaoke from mp3 music?

    Can anyone please suggest me any software that can be used to create karaoke from mp3 music.Well I need such a software for my wannabe singer sister. Please reply
  8. cool_dude_prav

    Karaoke Software?

    Hey guys, Could someone suggest me a good paid/free Karaoke software, something which works with indian cine songs as well? Rgds, Prav.
  9. pranavrules2007

    Need Help with Karaoke Songs~~

    I want to know, how to make karaoke songs? My friend, got to make a song, using only the music of the song, "In The End - Linkin Park" with his own voice. I want to know how to do that. Please can someone suggest me the following.. Which Software to use [For Ripping (ONLY) Music from songs...
  10. kool

    ***how2make mp3-->instruemental? KARAOKE?? SOUNDAMAN.EXE??

    1*** Is it possible to make instruemental music of Mp3 songs by any software??? I love singing, i want to practice by the help of instruemental songs. (like "kal ho na ho" song.........) I already asked this question in this forum, someone told me that try to know more about "KARAOKE". I...
  11. a_to_z123

    Preparing Karaoke tracks in Cool Edit Pro/Sound Forge

    Hullo Guys!! Well this is a problem which I didn't face till now with these apps. The problem is this: I am quite well versed with using both Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and Sound Forge 6.0. Well I am an avid singer but this idea of preparing karaoke tracks from my existing mp3 files came to me...
  12. K


    Here is a new karaoke player which playes the ".mid" & ".kar" formats. this software not only plays songs but also displays lyrics from the songs if there r tagged in (most of the midis or .kar come wid this) And if u are a piano and/or keyboard lover u can learn to play ANY MIDI or karaoke...
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