1. S

    Converting SE K510i into W800i

    Can I update my K510i software with a soft. version that of W800i and get a look of W800i.If yes, How? How can I simply update my K510i software with a newer version(of same phone). Is there a great risk involved? I don't wnt to lose my phone. Please help me to update my phone securely with...
  2. L

    help me in buying cell.....k510i..or...

    Hi, all..I am looking for a phone with blue tooth and Cam in 6000/-(around) plz help me.. i heard k510i , nokia 6070,..like... thanks in advance leenus
  3. dinesh_mettur

    suggest me a mobile for 7k

    hi dudes pls suggest me a good mobile for 7 k i prefer Sony Ericsson .... i heard K510i is good ??? wat abt u r s??
  4. A

    Price Of Sony Ericsson K510i

    Hi, Wat is the price of K510i? IS it available in India? Please tell me ur opinion abt this phone... Thnx in advance
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