1. N

    Best journal to publish research paper

  2. jayavardhanarao

    Need IEEE username and password

    I am an M.Tech student. I am in second year in which i have to do project work so i have to submit my abstract in these 15 days and i also have to publish one international journal. So i want to study some papers in various areas so i need IEEE user name and password if any one have that please...
  3. G

    creating offline blog?

    hi guys, Is there a tool similar to these just to create a complete offline blog…like a digital journal just for personal use and not to get it online?
  4. dreamcatcher

    Ambani and Spielberg join hands

    This is Crazy
  5. A

    China’s cyber-militia behind U.S. blackouts?

    Chinese hackers may have been behind power blackouts in Florida and the Northeast, according to a report in the National Journal.
  6. slugger

    Yahoo, Time Warner's AOL Close to Reaching Agreement

    searching for Yahoo +warner did not turn up a relevant result here Source Since it was a News that was more about Yahoo and Time Warner rather than MS, I created a new thread. If wrong, feel free to merge it :)
  7. Gigacore

    Google to Announce Phone Plans on Monday

    Previously, we predicted the so-called Google Phone (gPhone) would be nothing more than a bundle of existing Google mobile apps loaded on a standard handset(s) with some form of revenue share thrown in for good measure. On Friday, the Wall Street Journal seemed to agree with that assertion...
  8. Sourabh

    Apple explores use of Intel chips

    Apple explores use of Intel chips NEW YORK - Apple Computer Inc. has been in talks that could lead to a decision soon to use Intel Corp. chips in its Macintosh computer line, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. The report, citing two industry executives with knowledge of recent...
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