1. speedyguy

    App development using j2me or android?

    Please advice considering all aspects. Im beginner to both. WIll have 2 learn n work on it. Options are j2me, android or bada. Im not considering bada. But which one should i work on considering market perspective aswell as my learning speed and comfortability. I know java programming and...
  2. paper_heart_21

    vNES - Nitendo Emulator for Symbian

    :-P vNes is a NES emulator for mobiles. It lets you play Nintendo 8-bits games on your mobile. You can put games from thousands of roms in your pocket, play them anytime and anywhere, with the memories and joys of old time. vNes includes different versions. Current versions are vNes J2ME...
  3. lethalweaponforever

    J2ME Device ID error

    i made a program using the Netbeans IDE for J2ME...nedd to test it on my Moto W388 phone....Downloaded the MOTODEV Studio for JAVA ME from developer.motorola.com, installed.....but whenever i try to use the J2ME Emulator provided in the MOTODEV package to run my program through NetBeans....it...
  4. User Name

    Need J2me tutorial / Book

    Hi Can any one suggest any ebook / book /tutorial for J2ME. I know nothing abt j2me. Also how to modify existing j2me prog?
  5. RCuber

    J2ME queries

    Hello, I have a J2ME application which must be started every time the phone boots. How to achieve this. I will be using this application in a Nokia S60 based Phone.
  6. RCuber

    File IO in J2ME

    Hey guys, How can one store and retrive values from a textfile using J2ME. textfile will have content something like this #--Configuration File-- Value1=Hello Value2=World I need to read the values in the following format. string V1; string V2...
  7. RCuber

    RegEx on J2ME

    I am not a java programmer but I need to know if J2ME supports Regular Expressions . Please let me know if any libraries available. We need to use RegEx on a string of numbers. IDE:Netbeans.
  8. Pathik

    Books for J2ME

    Suggest some good books for J2ME. Head First types preferable. And any idea when Head First ll come up with a J2ME book?
  9. RCuber

    Best J2ME IDE

    Hello guys, which is the best IDE available to develop J2ME apps? .. im currently using NetBeans 6.1 . Netbeans is too slow and takes up resources.. is there any other alternative for this?
  10. R

    mobile programming

    i am new to this field... how can i create applications for mobile... can i do it using .net if so wat will b the best choice .net or j2me
  11. Jawahar

    help in J2ME

    ppl...can u plz let me know how to start programming J2ME
  12. Cool G5

    Cellphone camera as pc webcam

    Is it possible to use the cellphone camera as a pc webcam?I have LG S5200 phone(non-symbian).It supports j2me applications.
  13. D

    Does any one know about J2ME???...................

    hello friends, can any body tell me something about J2ME, I want to know pre-requisites for studying J2ME... I know only about core java... and i want to make project in J2Me reply soon......
  14. G

    Mumbai to get it's Own Game Institute.

    A company called GameGetz is soon starting a Computer Gaming Institute, which will cover the Entire Game Development Cycle. The Course includes 2D Game Programming (J2ME) 3D Game Programming(DirectX, OpenGL),etc. you can contact them at gamegetz@rediffmail.com
  15. D

    Where can i get good J2Me apps?

    Where can i get good J2Me apps? I need it for my new phone. I am sure there are many around. Also i will appreciate if u can give me the address for a WAP site. Thanking You Satish
  16. B

    Little code for J2ME and java programmers...

    Mobile phones enable you to enter a list of phone numbers that You commonly use, along with the name of the person Associated with the number. Although this primitive contact list is useful for Making calls for familiar friends and business associates...
  17. club_pranay

    Amark j2me Cellphone benchmarking tool!!

    Benchmark your j2me MIDP compatible devices.. Amark supports -3d rendering -midp primitives testing -texture mapping in midp ! -high load benchmarking download directly from your device here.. http://amark.nondove.it/Amark.jad Download to your computer.. Jad Jar...
  18. V

    J2ME or J2EE?

    Hi guys... Please help me... I wanna know what is the difference between J2ME and J2EE? Although this topic might have discussed earlier but it's still not clear for duffer like me... I wanna know the difference between two of these and which one I can use in order to put my...
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