1. S

    ZTE MF29 External Antenna

    Dear guys, I have a ZTE MF29 Airtel modem.i need external antenna to connect it.can anyone tell which antenna support it or antenna specification.
  2. S

    HTTP Server

    i want to host my site and files on my system.i have apache 2.2.10 http server.but i dont know how to use it.can anyone help me.?? plz.
  3. A

    error reading port Dcpflics.ini

    error reading port Dcpflics.ini ,i have this message displayed whenever my windows start how to clear it.can any one help me out of this
  4. kerthivasan

    Characters On MoBo

    I JUST GOT A REPAIRED MOTHERBOARD (intel pentium iv from in beanstalk (hcl) black pc)AND WHEN I WAS LOOKING AT IT I FOUND THE ABOVE MENTIONED ALPHABETS. THAT TOO IT WAS NOT COMPLETE. only upto w i can find it.can u plz say what did that mean and what was its purpose and share if u know...
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