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  1. Cyberghost

    Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on Thursday

    Hackers posted a bogus announcement of a rocket strike against Israel’s Dimona reactor and a possible nuclear leak on a Twitter account used by the Israeli military, which said on Friday it was combating such cyber attacks. Read More : Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on...
  2. H

    Facebook in talks to buy Waze for $1B

    Facebook in talks to buy Waze for $1B - Israel Business, Ynetnews Dear Facebook, there are amounts other than $1bn that can be used to buy startups.
  3. Nipun

    Blast outside Israeli embassy (New Delhi)

    Blast hits Israeli diplomat's car in New Delhi, two hurt - Hindustan Times
  4. Baker

    IAF's first AWACS arrived

    this is a very significant step in the modernizing the indian millitary.... india is the second country in asia to own AWACS after china....... and our israeli made phalco AWACS is much better capability than chineese AWACS :-P...
  5. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Israel Blockades Lebanon; Wide Strikes by Hezbollah

    BEIRUT, Lebanon, Friday, July 14 — Israel imposed a full naval blockade on Lebanon on Thursday and put Beirut’s international airport out of commission, and the militant group Hezbollah loosed a hail of rockets and mortar shells that killed two Israelis and sent thousands into bomb shelters...
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