1. azzu

    I Cant take it anymore

    hey digitians bfore 2 days i installed mandriva 2007 on my partition 3 (drive e) tried to dual boot with xp and then during installing mandriva i selecteed use free space on windows and selected E drive n selceted all the packeges durin installtion power off then after restarting installtion...
  2. L

    Kernal panic -not syscing :fatal exception

    Hi all, I am tring to install Linux RHEL 4 on my Intel p4 2.66 Mhz 1 gb ram 915 G/P/GV/910 GL processor M/B. (Onboard display & Lan card ) I tryed to install GUI and test mode installtion in both after installtion give me this Error <0> Fatal exception :Panic in 5 seconds Kernal panic -not...
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