1. maverick786us

    Corsair HX and AX Series PSUs

    Why are Corsair HX and AX series PSUs insanely priced in indian market? In use the difference between TX series and HX/AX series PSUs is from 14 to 44 US$ and over here the prices are insane
  2. L

    Funny Facebook pages......

    Which is the most funniest page on facebook. I mean it must be posting jokes funny pictures and all. My facebook wall is really boring and I need to add some funny pages to it. I found one by name 'We are Insane', I think you all should try it too. Can sonmeone...
  3. damngoodman999

    Far Cry 3

    ctSO3U_0vCg Just saw the gameplay trailer its really unbelievable , the gameplay is stunning - insane killing tactics .. Cant wait :-o
  4. rhitwick

    Measuring a THREAD standard

    Guys, for the last few days frequency of locking threads are increasing. That denotes (by general logic) that most of us are creating useless thread. Now some senior members are opposing this logic driven conclusion and protesting this act. Again MODs are not agreeing with them and this is...
  5. vamsi_krishna

    Which is the game you think that has insane combat system one

    Which is the game you think that has insane combat system friends, please let the digit users to know what's the game with insane combat system. Although i am naming few games you are allowed to tell the game of your liking.
  6. ToxicSerpentz

    Firefox Cookie Problems

    Using Windows XP with SP2 Using Firefox Addons Installed: AdBlock Plus,Better Gmail,Customize Google,Download Statusbar,Fasterfox,Flashgot,FootieFox,Google Web Accelerator,Tab Mix Plus,McAfee Site Advisor,Greasemonkey The problem is whenever i log into a website,the very next link i...
  7. r2d2

    U wont believe this XFX 8600 GTS for Rs.1699 only!!!

    Got this news from TE forum, XFX graphics card GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB DDR3 is selling for Rs.1699 only, this is a totally insane deal if this is true. Unfortunately only available in Mumbai...
  8. xbonez

    insane net speeds

    check out this screenshot. a frien of mine has an mtnl unlimited connection and he's getting 33 mBps. though he got this speed only for an hour or so, he consistently gets 2mBps+ even though his scheme is a 256kBps one. PS - check out the first minimized window, and you'll know that...
  9. aditya1987

    This OR That?

    Which one one these two produces better, sharper picture with vivid colour when encoding at same bitrate. Xvid 1.1.0 using 2 pass OR DivX 6.3 (1-pass) at insane quality. Your kind help will be greatly appriciated .
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