1. lywyre

    BSNL's first ever loss is a whopping INR 1800 crores!

    Yes, thats terrible. The telecom company that not long ago competed for the coveted 'Navaratna' status is now in tatter losing out to the private sector and carrying a loss of over INR 1800 crores. Source: The Hindu
  2. B

    Nokia C6 - 2 Months Old

    Posting on behalf of my close friend, he doesn't have an account here. Want to sell Nokia C6 which is 2 months old. It is in very good condition and has been rarely used, no scratches or any physical damage. Selling it with the box and all the accessories I got with it, there is still 10 months...
  3. C

    Hardly Used Play Station 3 (PS3) For Sale

    Not played more than 5 hours. With 4 free original games (God of war 3, WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2010, NFS Undercover, Killzone 2). Included is a HDMI Cable also. Price: 20000 INR MRP: 28000 INR (Including games and HDMI calble) It is a 120Gb model Reason: Got excited and bought.. But...
  4. official

    PC to run games at 30-35k inr

    hello people..i want a quick suggestion of a gaming rig that can run GTA4 at 1280x720 at medium to high settings. suggest entire rig with speakers as well. Price range - below 35k inr..cant afford more than that. Obviously AMD rig :).... thanks in advance.
  5. D

    Setting up a dedicated gaming server! Need help.

    Okay.. The ISP of my town hosts CS already and we are planning to add many more like DotA, Q3 servers etc,. The ISP head contacted me and told me if I had a configuration.. (The guy is a friend of mine).. Well the provide it free.. and it would obviously bring them more users.. That's the...
  6. armon300

    New to assembled desktops - Guidance Required!

    I'm in need of a new rig in the budget of 40k. I'll be using it mainly for surfing, movie/music downloads, some gaming once in a while and it has to be future-proofed for at least 2-3 years. I have it to get it by March end from Nehru Place. I'm also going to give a try at overclocking.. but...
  7. S

    Feedback on Config + recommend Case

    Look forward to feedback on the below configuration -- for good future-proofed Media + Very Light Gaming , along with recommendation on the subsequent queries: Intel Core i5-750, 2.66 GHz (INR 10550) MSI P55-GD65 (INR 10000) 2 X 2GB Corsair (INR ?) Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 - 1TB SATA (INR...
  8. Kulz

    Samsung Corby??

    Hi guys, I was considering buying the samsung corby touch in a month or so. I have read the reviews of the phone in a couple of sites and it seems convincing. But i would be happy to get some personal experiences of it shared here if anybody have used it. Also suggestions for any other...
  9. S

    PMP for 7-8K INR

    I need a good PMP preferably hard drive or touchscreen (with video...duh).. budget 7-8K INR or should i get it from a friend of mine from uae??? plzz suggest... currently looking at cowon D2 or iaudio7 or ipod nano 3rd gen 8GB..
  10. official

    Suggestion for gaming laptop at 60-65 k inr!!

    Guys i need some serious help. I have to get a gaming laptop at around 60-65k inr ASAP. Laptop is needed mainly for gaming. thanks in advance.
  11. official

    Suggest for gaming rig at 75k INR.

    Hi guys, My friend has recently mailed me to suggest for his gaming rig which he probably will be getting by next week.He already has a monitor with 1920x1200 resolution & speakers. He wants it only for gaming, has a budget of around 70-75k INR for rest parts. Suggest me something hardcore and...
  12. asingh

    New System : Feedback/Critique/Issues

    Hi Friends, I finally got my new system: Configuration and Prices(inclusive of taxes): Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 INR 6000.00 Corsair CMPSU-650TX INR 6930.00 Corsir TWIN2X4096-8500C5 4GBkit...
  13. official

    which processor to buy???

    hi guys... i want to update my pc... i had amdx2 4200+,mcp61 mobo from zeb,8600gt,2 gigs of ram.. i hav thought of changing them recently.. i already hav bought.. MSI NX8800GTOC..coz the deal was cheap... CM 500W xtreme power plus [model:RS500PCARA3] i hav a budget of around 15k- 20k INR...
  14. redtiger

    Nvidia 8500GT@1500 INR

    I want to sell my nvidia 8500GT @1500 INR. Prefered ncr Other through ebay.
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