1. S

    Will this method help avoid pendrive viruses?

    Hi, Occasionally at my dads office, he takes his pendrive for presentations... Though it has a write-protect lock, sometimes, inadvertantly, the lock gets removed and viruses infect the pendrive... Luckily, I am usually careful about this and so far I have not had too much trouble with it...
  2. krazzy

    A query about a virus in a flash drive.

    I have a flash drive which is infected with a virus after giving it to a friend to get some files from his pc (which is infected). I want to know that whether just connecting the drive to pc will infect my pc as well. What if I connect it to pc, select Take No Action when Autorun starts and then...
  3. anandk

    Could Existing Malware Infect Vista ?

    Microsoft has touted Vista as a more secure version of Windows, but on the day of Vista's official launch, a security company has identified malware already in circulation that can infect computers running the OS. Sophos identified three viruses typically spread through e-mail that can infect...
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