1. A

    Help a beginner in Java!!

    Hello! to all tech enthusiasts.well iam a beginner programmer in Java currently learning it on my very own.Ihave got an extremely simple but very important question.I recently started using Windows Vista Home premium and downloaded JDK 6.0.But I find that many commands such as "javac" are not...
  2. windchimes

    .doc file problem...please help..uRGENT

    Hi, Here I have got a 100 page file written in a regional font in .doc format. Now when I try to access it it is showing that the path is not correct. But the path is infact correct and the file shows the true size.Any way to access the file. wHAT WOULD BE THE PROBLEM I can access the...
  3. gaurav_indian

    Blueline buses in Delhi!

    All of you know about the recent incident at Badarpur border across Delhi.Bus killed few people there.Delhi CM Shiela Dikshit was infact advising people that they should learn to walk on the road.:mad: Whats your views?
  4. gdatuk

    sms tone malfunction

    i have a nokia 6670 the phone was working fine..infact too good but suddenly the sms tone seems to have vanished meaning..if i get any sms..there is not alert tone i tried changing many settings...profiles..infact i tried everything to my knowledge but nothing seems to work what could have...
  5. E

    how to get a raw format CD working?

    hi guys help me out in this a cd with file format raw is not wrking while it works on a cd player it is a movie infact how to work it out. plz help Elitecoder
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