1. C

    What is the neutral in-ear one can get under 1k?

    What is the neutral in-ear one can get under 1k? panasonic ergo fit TCM - 125 Audio Techina CLR100 Which is better?
  2. C

    Want best noise isolation in-ear below 1K!

    I want best noise isolation in-ear below 1000 rupees. my only priority is noise isolation. I have other headphones to fulfil my audio needs.
  3. TheHumanBot

    Alternative to Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro or other Under Rs. 1500

    Hi, I was going to buy Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro from mi Indians site but before I do, product is now out of stock. so Please help me out to buy a earbuds like this one any other Alternative to Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro or any other that comes under Rs. 1500 budget. Thanks. :serious_NF:
  4. M

    New in-ear headphone-3 pair

    My Soundmagic PL-11 & BB default ear set are lost. I really impressed by PL-11 Need to grab 3 pair in-ear headset with MIC. I wish all 3 different brand & popular one. My music taste is thumb bass, vocal & clear surround sound. Budget : not wish to spend more than 600rs per pair. Pl...
  5. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions for In-Ear Phones between 1k-5k.

    My current earphones Brainwavz M1 has gone bad and hence I'm looking for a new pair of In-Ear Phones. Will be primarily used to listen to Hindi and other regional movie songs. Focus is primarily on good bass. Kindly share your suggestions. - - - Updated - - - Guys anyone?
  6. Ihatemyself

    [Help] Mi In-ear Headphones(Piston) not working with Moto G (2nd Gen)

    Hi, I recently bought Moto G (2nd Gen). It seems that Mi In-ear Piston headphones are not working with Moto G. I've tested both the headphones and the 3.5 mm jack of moto G independently and they are both working. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? Thanks!
  7. A

    Require a Headset with mic within Rs 500

    Hi guys Any suggestion on which headset I can buy for rs 500 with mic. Only requirement is it should be In-ear.
  8. S

    In-Ear for Mobile/Ipod

    Hi, Please suggest me in-ear earphones so that I can use it with my Xperia M and my Ipod touch. Would also require in-line controls with mic so I can take calls on my phone as well as change songs on both phone/Ipod. Need it for running/gym so that it fits into the ear during running. If there...
  9. C

    need in-ear... budget 3k

    i got momentum on-ear recently.. i want in-ear for travelling, biking, runnning i sweat a lot.. so looking for sports one... i can extend my budget a bit... not fixed to few genres... not a fan of neutral signature... i like a little bassy without bloat... i love low-end... i nedd good noise...
  10. A

    [For Sale] Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (IEMs)

    Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (IEMs) Manufacturer: Monster® Turbine™ High Performance In-Ear Speakers™ The supplied ear buds are no longer with me. But I am giving a few earbuds of various earphones, which I have, free of cost. Seller: Lynx India Expected Price...
  11. F

    Front Headphone port HAF912 probs

    Just purchased a HAF 912 and My earphones 3.5mm pin doesnt fully enter the Front Port, coz of which i can only hear from 1 side, Using SkullCandy In-ear headphones... There is no dirt or anything blocking,.........Did any 1 face a simalar problem??? any Solution??
  12. A

    Need In-ear phones around 2,.5K

    Hi all, I want to purchase a new set of In-ears. My budget is around 2,500 INR (can go a little up). I listen to all kinds of music and a bass lover.. please suggest me a good IEM. currently my selection is Sennheiser CX-300 mark II. thanks UPDATED : someone please REPLY.
  13. R

    Best In-Ear under1.5k (in store prices i.e not online shopping prices )

    Guyz ! i was using Creative Ep-630 with my Creative Zen player and used it with many other phones and my laptop too .. and was quite happy but now one of the ear piece sounds low as compare to other one .. i have been using these in-ear from past 2 years .. now i definitely want another one...
  14. U

    In-Ear, ~Rs.2500, suggestions

    I need a new pair of earphones. In-ear only please. Budget approx Rs.2500/- Uses: ->Music (Topmost priority, on my Vaio and Galaxy S2) ->Movies/TV Shows (on my Vaio) I'm a huge movies and music buff. Listen to all genres of music, and i hate earphones that cannot reproduce quality...
  15. K

    [For Sale] NuForce NE-600x IEM - Unused

    1. Model number and details: NuForce NE-600x Lime 2. Date of purchase: 9th July, 2012 3. Reason for sale: Friend goofed up while getting it from the US. Told him to get an NE-6, he got the NE-600x instead. 4. Warranty details: 11 months left 5. Expected Price : Rs 1400/- incl. of shipping 6...
  16. 50103

    Galaxy S2 Earphones..... suggestion

    Am planning on buying new earphones for my Galaxy S2 . My budget is under 3k. suggest good IN-EAR EARPHONES for me......
  17. prds359

    Headphone 4 sony ericsson w705?

    Please suggest me a good headphone for w705 under 500 inr. Cant raise 1 penny above it. Want the best I can have for that amount. A well known brand is preferable (indian or unknown brand is NOT considerable). I need in-ear headphone.
  18. Chaitanya

    Bluetooth Headset

    Pls suggest a good Bluetooth headset for making calls, i mean in-ear bluetooth headset.. my budget is 1.5k..:-D
  19. Chaitanya

    Bleutooth Headset

    Pls suggest a good Bluetooth headset for making calls, i mean in-ear bluetooth headset.. my budget is 1.5k..:-D
  20. L

    Good In-ear Earphones under Rs 3000 for galaxy s2

    Hi, Plz suggest me a good In-ear earphones under Rs. 3000 having good bass and clarity. i will be using them with samsung galaxy s2. Thanks much in advance.
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