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  1. A

    HP's Extended Warranty offer is back (1st February-20th April)

    www.hp.com/in/buyandprotect Hp's giving 2nd and 3rd year warranty for a very less cost to all buying Notebooks from 1st February ‘13 to 30th April ‘13. Do check this site, I hope admins can pin this post till 30th April. Would be very helpful and saving around 3500 bucks or more for people who...
  2. GhorMaanas

    [ALF] Roccat Kave 5.1Ch. Headset : A First-person Perspective Feedback [ALF]

    Hello everyone ! This is the first time am writing a little detailed feedback on anything. hope you like it. and please dont hesitate in pointing out any shortcomings you find in it, so that i could take care of those things for my future write-ups. Thanks to : Sukant MegaMind Special Thanks...
  3. Neo

    Switched On: webOS wherever

    via Engadget This week's release of the HP TouchPad, the first device other than a handset to feature webOS, aptly demonstrates the promise and perils of HP's adopted operating system. The 4:3 tablet provides the large canvas that webOS seemed born to cover. However, like the Xoom and...
  4. F

    HP's new Laptop dv6-6140tx NO INFO on any site !!!!!!!

    HP dv6-6140tx discussion thread I saw this model (dv6-6140tx)in a magazine of croma that came with the newspaper..... pdf of that on the croma web-site http://www.cromaretail.com/special-offers/emag-june-2011/gujarat/pg5.pdf I googled it but no information is given on any website ...
  5. iMav

    HP announces some drooling Computers (dont mis this 1)

    Mouth watering ....... HP Pavilion a6330f desktop PC i love this 1: HP SL4282N, SL4782N connected HDTVs wwwwwwwoooooooooowww HP Pavilion Elite m9150f HP's Phenom 9500-powered Pavilion Media Centerm8330f PC HP's new MediaSmart Receiver - Media Center Extender (and more) HP's Pavilion...
  6. M

    New HP Laser Jet

    Hai Guys i am going to buy a new laser printer.i heard abt hp's laser printers are fine.i am looking for a printer of 10000 to 15000.i am not looking for serious printing.but life of printer is an important matter.i am looking for hp's laserjet 1010.is their any other printers of good...
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