1. Disc_Junkie

    Do you like Himesh Reshamiya

    The source of the most famous dialect "Superb, Fantastic, Outstanding, Mindblowing History" is the new age DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, MUSIC DIRECTOR,SINGER, ACTOR five in one allrounder HIMESH RESHAMIYA. Do you like this person. I think some personally like it and some don't. He is really a courageous...
  2. L

    Come see himesh without a cap!

    Now what do you think? :D
  3. krates

    See this ( himesh reshamiyaa's dushman's )

    http://img184.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wolfek5.swf very funny
  4. dotcommakers

    see how himesh reshmiya learn singing - very funny

  5. gaurav_indian

    Salman Khan ne Himesh ki band bajai!

    Salman Khan ne Himesh ki band bajai! Dont miss this weeks Saregama on saturday. :D http://www.disperseit.com/view.php?id=2741
  6. esumitkumar

    Himesh removes his cap !!!

    More at http://www.rediff.com/movies/2007/jun/04look.htm he he he :D :D :D
  7. technoraja

    Himesh's new role in Bollywood

    The Hit singer cum Music Director Himesh Reshammiya has come forward with a movie that is supposed to tell his story..... The film is named 'AAP KA SUROOR - THE REAL LOVE STORY' The film is named after his debut music album with the same name.The album had broken many collection records across...
  8. C

    Casino Royale action director for Himesh's film

    Source Hahaha.Rofl:D What more can we expect???:D
  9. blackpearl

    Himesh Reshmiyan now in movies!!!

    Himesh Reshmiyan is now going to appear in a movie called Aap Ka Suroor, named after his music album. And yes, he is the lead actor. GOD, save me!!! http://entertainment.oneindia.in/movies/bollywood/features/aap-ka-suroor-061106.html
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