1. D

    Hey Guys, here's my New Year's gift to all of you-

    Happy New Year Guys So i created this wallpaper for the new year...hope you guys'll like it. btw, if you guys want an "unsigned" version, please PM me. Now, for some shameless self promotion. I am a digital artist specialising in 3D Modeling, Texturing & Graphic Design, which i consider my...
  2. Skud

    Scientist Creates Food Out of Human Waste

    A Japanese researcher from Okayama Laboratory named Mitsuyuki Ikeda has created meat like food from human excrement. Could this be the solution to our food problems and end of world hunger? It may very well go in a chain like this food -> excrement -> food... ;) Link here:- Scientist...
  3. Skud

    Doom ported to the Web

    So the classic video game has been ported to the web. All you need to play is just a web browser. News here:- Doom ported to the Web, video inside - TechSpot News Link here:- I run it from FF 4.0.1 for a couple of...
  4. Skud

    Dual Barts GPU - what do you think guys?

    PowerColor is promising to show off a custom graphics card featuring two Barts GPUs on a single PCB in next month's Computex. What do you think guys about it? Please pour in your comments. PIX HERE:- LINK HERE:- InsideHW - PowerColor dual-Barts card gets pictured
  5. Jaskanwar Singh

    Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7 Series handset from LG

    read about it here-
  6. Most Wanted

    Directx 10 on xp?

    Yes, now you can play dx 10 supported game on xp. download and install from here- what say??
  7. S

    Make your Windows XP like Mac OSX leapord

    As all people can't afford macs and and they still want the mac because of its cool features and nice GUI ,i am creating this thread to help them make their windows XP look like a Mac OSX 10.5 a.k.a Leapord.I had the opportunity to buy a mac but i preferd a high end PC coz im a gamer but i...
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