1. desiibond

    xbox 360 HD-DVD drive now just $49.99

    xbox 360 HD-DVD drive now just $49.99 Microsoft has started selling its Xbox 360 HD DVD drive for the ultra-bargain price of $49.99 source: xbox.com
  2. DigitalDude

    Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive >> R.I.P HD-DVD

    Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive lol after lot of format screwups Sony may breathe a sigh of relief over this one. R.I.P HD-DVD :D Full Press Release in the Source Article: Source: Engadget Another Related News: HD-DVD Group Cancels CES Press Conference P.S. related...
  3. kalpik

    HD-DVD encryption key leaked.. MAD rush at digg!

    The HD-DVD encryption key was leaked over the internet yesterday. The source got dugg pretty hard! It was being dugg so hard that digg was seeing 40 digs per second on this story! Ultimately digg went down and was showing 404 errors on every story! It was really great to see how strongly people...
  4. Kiran.dks

    Porn industry standardises on HD-DVD!

    Porn industry standardises on HD-DVD Blue Blu-Ray discs banned by Sony? The adult movie industry seems set to standardise on the HD-DVD format, and it appears that Sony has banned pornographers from using its Blu-ray discs. Reports from the adult industry exhibition in Las Vegas suggest...
  5. iMav

    LG Launches World's First Dual-Format Blu-ray and HD DVD Player

    Company plans to launch dual-format drive at the same time At CES this week, LG Electronics announced what could become the first of many similar products -- a hybrid Blu-ray and HD-DVD all-in-one player. Called the BH100 and the GGW-H10N, LG establishes the units as part of a line that it...
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