1. srkmish

    Nook hd+ or Kindle fire hd 8.9

    Both of these are now available at cheap rates. Kindle fire hd comes to around 16.5 k after citibank 10% off on amazon and Nook hd+ is available at around 13k on ebay after discounts. I am concerned about the ASS part. Since Amazon has global warranty, i should be safe with it. However, the...
  2. B

    Bought a NOOK HD+ ebook reader

    Hi, I just got a new NOOK HD+ tablet. My brother in law bought it in the US. It cost rs. 10740. It has a 9 inch display, full HD, and 32 gb onboard memory. BARNES & NOBLE | NOOK HD+ Tablet - All New I'd like to know which pen I can use with it.
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