1. sysfilez

    Compass 2006 - Eastern India Biggest IT Fair

    Source: www.compassindia.com The Compass IT Fair this year is going to be held frm 17th Nov to 20th Nov @ Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata. The IT crazy ppl might have already come across this news, but then i thought lets post it. Its one of the hapening things in Kolkata. I have been visiting...
  2. ketanbodas

    Pc Freezes All The Time

    :mad: WTF...these days my PC freezes so very very often when I am working and I often hav to re-start and lose work in the process ! What is hapening and what can I do. Ples dont ask me to reinstall :-(
  3. S

    Auto File Download (how to reset)??

    whenever i download a zip file it no longer shows the save to dialog box it starts downloading automatically how do i stop this from hapening? or is there anyway of reseting this setting?
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