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    Root Galaxy S2

    Hello Guys, I'm losing battery even in standby mode. Does Rooting Provide a solution ? How can I root ? Which is the best custom ROM for S2? How can i backup my Games which are in Progress (GTA3 & other) ?
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    Can i make a backup copy of gta3?

    i have gta3 (original) cd' with me. iwant to create backup cd's of the game. is it legal to do so?. i am going to use it ONLY as a backup copy. if the answer is yes, how can i do that. i have tried to copy it using nero, but it gives me some there any form of copy protection involved?
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    Graphic Issues with GTA3

    :D I am playing GTA3 but the issue is graphic problems. I have played Vice city which runs perfect even on 1024x768 resolution. I have even played games which require higher resolution than GTA3 with no issues at all. I have a Dual Boot OS when i installed it on WIn XP. there was missing...
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    problem with opening saved games in GTA3

    recently, i cannot open any saved games in GTA3. everytime i try, it gives an error and the games exits. PLZ help!!
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