Graphic Issues with GTA3

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:D I am playing GTA3 but the issue is graphic problems. I have played Vice city which runs perfect even on 1024x768 resolution. I have even played games which require higher resolution than GTA3 with no issues at all. I have a Dual Boot OS when i installed it on WIn XP. there was missing graphics. the roads were transparent and then when driving a car the walls would not be visible unless i was really close to it. So i read it in another forum that GTA3 had a compatibility issue with Win XP so i installed it in win98. Now i dont have that kind of issues the graphics are fine but the video is choppy. :evil: . Now could anyone who has played this game please tell the solution to this issue.


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Well, I think installing patch should help your problem. Downlaod from here: * :)


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Thanks vivek but that patch came along with the CD and i had already installed it but nothing happened. Any other suggestions


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Install the latest version of Directx


i faced the same issue... i updated my directx version to 9.0c..

this might help ya!!


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i have dx9c and i have a smilar problem as ak24 in GTA:VC. i have installed the patches too!

when i am travelling very fast in a vehicle the raods and the buildings go transparent and i have to stop and wait 4 it to come back
Draw Distance

I had the same problem in GTA3, when travelling in car, the walls would be invisible untill u go close to them.


Install GTA3 in Win 98

Direct X 9.0c

640* 480 resolution

Decrease Draw Distance to zero
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