1. panacea_amc

    Nikon D5100 or Cannon D1200: confused again!

    Hello guys, I am a first timer to DSLR thing and after reading reviews, am confused again. I went through some pics in flicker. # D1200 (Cannon) shows up grains in not so bright areas. plz look at this pic in the tree areas, grains are easily visible =...
  2. H

    Boots for 5sec...then nothing

    Am havng trouble with my pc in the morning was copying files to usb all of a sudden half of the monitor from the middle to down started showing grains...with red blue turnd down the ups...booted again boots for 5sec then turns off...i boĿt倎
  3. M

    Grains on LCD Monitor

    Recently i changed my motherboard with a new one (Mercury). i dont think it is original. After that my monitor has got grains. it is prominent while opening my computer and while watching videos. i updated the video drivers still it is the same. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. (There was no problem...
  4. Faun - Fun way to learn and donate !

    Post your scores :)) Username: Faun Donated: 13690 Grains I avg out at 44, max 49 8-)
  5. A

    Web Cam!

    Hi Dears, Currently I am having Logitech Image Studio Webcam on my computer. My computer has Gigabyte Motherboard + GE Force 2MX Graphics Card. I am using Win XP (SP 2) as the OS. The pictures/videos shot by the webcam are not of good quality as the same contain too much of grains...
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