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  1. Renny

    Benq G2222HDL backlight bleeding

    I purchased this monitor on 1st July 2011, its not even been a year and there's some pretty heavy back-light bleeding, checkout the photo:- I've observed the bleeding only since the past few days, can't say whether it was developing gradually. Will it get worst? What could have...
  2. furious_gamer

    My first successful OverClocking(3.06GHz ->3.72GHz)

    Hi guys, This is my first successful attempt in OCing. I have a P4 Prescott 524 3.06GHz processor, and yesterday when i try to re-install the OS i just accidentally come across a option called Jumper Free in BIOS and i start play with that. After few tries, i found what is what?.Then i...
  3. Chetan1991

    Low file transfer rate

    I have 56Kbps Modem connection.But whenever I connect to the net,message appeares"aaa"(name of ISP)"is now connected at 52Kbps" While downloading a file transfer rate is initiaLLY 20Kbps and gradually drops to about 3Kbps.I'm frustated:evil: .Why this happens?What is the solution??
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