1. Pravas

    Mobile Internet Andhra Pradesh Circle

    Can any one help me up with the Service Providers offering Good Gprs/Edge Plan??:?:
  2. naveen_reloaded

    Vote Now ! Airtel New plan 30ps/50 KB Issue !!

    Hi guys All of u know that airtel removed all the plans which were beneficial for customerrs and put in only one plan of 30 ps / 50 KB for thier crappy GPRS/EDGE :-x ( <33 KBPS ) internet connection Please enter your vore here...
  3. utsav

    NEED: unlimited gprs/edge plan information

    I am in search of a good unlimited gprs/edge plan which offers good speed for pc/mobile-phone surfing and downloading . i can spend upto 450 every month for a unlimited plan. So which connection should i get Airtel/Idea/bsnl ??? and which plan is the best for my budget . edge...
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