1. theserpent

    iGyaan down for redesign Was surely my most favorite review site, which was not run by a Phan boy Goodbye! |
  2. Krazzy Warrior

    Goodbye! Friends

    Hi Friends, I am going out of station for around 15-20 days 2morrow and so wont be able to connect to internet...Will miss this forum and ofcourse Urban Terror Game..:) GoodBye..
  3. gary4gar

    I am leaving, Goodbye!

    Goodbye everyone, I'm going to leave this community because of you. Right now. I feel that alot of you miss the point of this community. I THOUGHT THIS COMMUNITY WAS FULL OF LOVE BUT I SEE THEY ARE FULL OF HATERS AND PEOPLE WHO JUST COMMENT, JUST TO INSULT A FELLOW MEMBER. I've enjoyed my time...
  4. T

    Emma Watson Quits Harry Potter

    GoodBye Emma :D *
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