1. Skyh3ck

    Pranav Mistry the Genius of the next world

    See this how our life will change with this tech YrtANPtnhyg
  2. K

    Plantronics GameCom 380 Headset worth the budget??

    Can i have reviews on this headset guys?? Or any other headset below the 2k price tag?? The headsets that i listed for my gaming needs Plantronics GameCom 380 Headset Plantronics GameCom 380 Headset - Plantronics: Genius HS-G500V Headphone Genius HS-G500V Headphone -...
  3. anikahead2010

    Need new headset :(

    Budget is 1.5k(+500 if needed) My old one's have started to die(i am getting lot of volume drop in them). purpose: Gaming(main),Music,movies etc. How about these:Genius HS-G500V Headphone - Genius: Please help,Thanks in advance. Did i do something wrong? Nobody gave a reply :-(
  4. harshilsharma63

    Headphone buying help

    Hi, I want to buy a decent headphones for daily music and gaming under Rs. 1000. I was originally buying Sennheiser HD180 but it's proce increased to around 1300 (from Rs. 990). I'm currently looking forward to this headphone: Genius HS - 05A Headphone . Buy Best Genius HS - 05A Headphone at...
  5. Rockstar11

    Best Battery Portable speakers?

    Iball ? iBall ? Your eyeball view. Our technology new. Edifier? Genius? Genius Zebronics? Zebronics - Speakers - 2.0 Multimedia speakers any other?
  6. ico

    You won't believe this...

    Try this out: Akinator, the Web Genius and keep on answering the questions.
  7. K

    Flying Scroll Bluetooth Notebook Mouse from Genius

    Genius, a brand from KYE Systems Corp. has launched the flying scroll Bluetooth notebook mouse—Navigator 905BT Flying Scroll Bluetooth Notebook Mouse. This is a fast-tracking, high-resolution trendy notebook mouse that gives the user the comfort, accuracy and convenience of an advanced Bluetooth...
  8. C


    guys!! i want u to help download ebooks... where can i find almost anything kind of ebooks..and it shoudnt be using rapidshare...coz i dnt have account.... others site would be appreciated!!! help me u GENIUS!! chandal
  9. abhimanyu1401

    Ipod Update - Genius

    Hi, I wanted to ask whether anyone knows if older Apple iPod Classics(80 and 160 GB) will get the update for the new feature "Genius"?
  10. desiibond

    Let's Rock event as it goes

    Jobs: reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. (but he looks extremely skinny and without flesh) 1) iTMS no.1 music distributor now 2) NBC is back on iTunes 3) itunes 8 introduced 4) new feature in itunes called 'Genius' -- it allows you to make playlists from songs in your library that go...
  11. bbalegere

    Best free compression utility

    7z manager * Zip Genius * ALZip * I like Zip Genius
  12. C

    Which computer course worth its salt?

    I am seeking comments on these courses # "Genius" from SRM Infotech # MCSE # RHCE # CCNA thanks in advance.
  13. trigger

    One more frm MIT...

    Once again a Cool Computer Program named 'Sketch Understanding System and Operation' by MIT students. what the hell is this..? they are real genius... source: * It left me speechless.. !!!
  14. B

    Are You A Genius?

    Check wheather u are or not... Download, extract and check....... If you see this lady turning in clockwise you are using your right brain. If you see it the other way, you are using left brain. Some people do see both ways, but most people see it only one way. If...
  15. M

    windows\system32\config\system--following file missing or corrupt

    dude help me out--in my college comp on windows doesnt boot--saying that "windows\system32\config\system--following file missing oo corrupt-- i doesnt want format it as it contains all the college stuffs--do help me out--they that i am genius in it (as i am in med college and no body knows...
  16. R

    lost My N-gage Qd PLease Help!!

    :(Recentlty ive lost my n-gage qd i have the IMEI no Is There is any Way to Track it. My Connection Was Airtel -i have reported about it in police but Do To Nationalism/The indian way There is no chance that they can get it By seeng the way they are working. -The Most Imp Things are The...
  17. A

    It Takes A Genius To Answer This

    Ive tried my best to know how to get a email in Its not paid, I havent seen any invite for it too. And its powered by google. Lets see who is that genius who can help me.
  18. R

    PCW Driver Genius Professional 2005 registration

    Does anyone know how to register pc world's Driver Genius Professional 2005 which they gave this time.They said it was free.Please tell me how to register it
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