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  1. choudang

    FB: Intel 865 GBF

    hey... does anyone have the intel Motherboard 865...
  2. anarchy0x

    substitue for 865 gbf mobo

    my 865 gbf stopped working. can anyone suggest me some other MOBOs (not necessarily intel) that will be compatiable with my 2.8 HT cpu?
  3. sabret00the

    Will have to buy a 5.1 speaker system

    Well guys I need to purchase a decent looking :p 4.1 or 5.1 speaker system for my girl frnd's comp which uses a intel 865 GBF mobo.Well if FM came with the speakers that'll be very good but its not a necessity.My budget is about Rs.1500-Rs.3500/-
  4. T

    Intel 865 GBF

    Hello people I have Intel 865 GBF original Motherboard Intel P4 ~ 3 Ghz Processor 512 DDR RAM 400 Mhz The motherboard has 8x AGP slot. I wanna know can i install a graphics card on this mother board
  5. M

    NFS MOST WANTED problem????

    in the career mode i am in the last stage .While challenging RAZOR, the last opponet, every time i play the third(out of 5 challenges) race, the game comes out and the entire game is lost.Can anyone help.. INTEL 865 GBF original p 4 2.4Ghz XFX Geforce FX 5200 83.10 drivers 256+512 ram.
  6. C

    MyPC starts 1/10 times

    Well i have been facing it from last week only n the prob z very new. The power is there on the green light of motherboard as well as the outer LED of the cabinet. As soon as i switch on my PC cabinet's LED gets ON. But nothing comes on monitor (I mean booting actually doesnt start). Config...
  7. S

    should be 8x, showing 4x, d 865 gbf

    hello, my mobo is intel d865 gbf, it should be agp 8x, as per feature details, but when i try getting system information with various tools si sandra,& everest it says 4x agp ?? so do i have 8x or 4x, someone told me, there was a option in bios, i couldnt find any such option...
  8. D

    raid issues on intel 865 gbf

    sir; i have intel 865 gbf bobo which supports sata drive but not raided ide drive can i buy a pci ide raid controller to set hard disks in raid if so which company from where and for how much?
  9. P

    bios request

    i would like to know if my intel 865 gbf bios can be shadowed and where in the bios menu is it. thanx.
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