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  1. X

    Extension Cable for F&D F6000

    Hello people i've been using f&d f6000 for a year now, And i am quite happy with it. I am planning to shift the speaker to little bigger room. How do i choose an extension wire for the rear speakers? What is wire gauge for this home theater. I cannot find the gauge information in User manual i...
  2. socrates

    Govt Plans To Use FB To Gauge Public Opinion

    Also plans to bring about more transparency in governance in the electronic way. Is this real or another way of keeping tabs on people? Govt Plans To Use FB To Gauge Public Opinion
  3. U

    Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition PC not working!

    I recently bought it. I installed the game and restarted the PC and then I started the game almost holding my breathe. i went through the menu and clicked over launch the game. But the screen went dark not dark it shows the Crazy! etc. icons and the health gauge but i can't see the scene. Plz...
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