1. Flash

    NASA: A Giant leap for the Frogkind

    It was snapped by one of NASA's remote cameras during last week's launch of the LADEE spacecraft at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. "The photo team confirms the frog is real and was captured in a single frame by one of the remote cameras used to photograph the launch," NASA explains in...
  2. C

    Frog in invisible cloak in crysis warhead

    a frog in "cloak mode" in crysis warhead. discovered by accident.
  3. praka123

    Frog marriage to please 'rain god'

    Frog marriage to please 'rain god'Udupi, July 16: The Zilla Nagarika Samiti, on Tuesday evening organised a wedding ceremony of frogs, near Service Bus Stand here to please the rain god' From Diana Circle, two frogs were brought to Clock Tower Circle, in a decorated pull cart, in a grand...
  4. Voldy

    'Frog from hell' that ate baby dinosaurs

    Look at that squashed beach-ball toad:D
  5. shady_inc

    Shoot the crazy frog...

    A huge waste of time...:p my best is 90. EDIT:new best of 92.
  6. iMav

    Wanna control a dead frog ...

    i just hope meneka gandhi doesnt read this :D this dead frog has a server embedded into its guts. Suspended in a clear glass of inert liquid, the frog has an Ethernet cable coming out of its insides, which in turn allows remote "visitors" to issue commands and make the frog twitch its...
  7. aj27july

    Your favourite...

    ... instrumental artist??? Mine are: MODJO CRAZY FROG ROBERT MILES GORILLAZ SAFRI DUO
  8. subratabera

    Fedora Frog - FC's Answer to Automatix

    One reason that Fedora Core can be a bit difficult to new users is the number of things that must be set up after installation. There's Java, Flash, getting 3D running right, mp3's and a host of other items that you might want. Sure, you can read through the 'how-to's' and configure things...
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