1. cute.bandar - my site for finding freelance work

    Search multiple freelancing websites at one go, getting the results on a single page. Other Features: -its updated every 20 minutes -powered by sphinx search engine -powerful google like advanced search options, so you can even exclude results that are irrelevant for you. -ability to...
  2. zegulas

    Does freelancing really pay?

    Is freelancing really possible for a student like me? I am doing FY BSc CS and I know C programming and have also made a website project using HTML for a student of TY BSc CS, which was approved BTW!
  3. - Snake -

    I want to earn money!

    Well I am a comp engg student and want to earn money part time... i am presently at a jagadhri in haryana where i spend most of my time at hostel. I am efficient at web development and can do really good work.... I want to know is there anything as freelancing available in india... if yes...
  4. S


    What is freelancing? And how can i become a freelancer and how to earn money thru freelancing? -Sai
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