1. cute.bandar - my site for finding freelance work

    Search multiple freelancing websites at one go, getting the results on a single page. Other Features: -its updated every 20 minutes -powered by sphinx search engine -powerful google like advanced search options, so you can even exclude results that are irrelevant for you. -ability to...
  2. cyborg47

    Purpose code on PAYPAL?

    I've got a freelance job recently(game character rigging, and Animation...a 3D game artist basically), and my client wants to transfer the money through Paypal. So I've created one, but Paypal asks me to fulfill a list of tasks, one of them being the purpose code. I've looked through the list...
  3. havoknation

    Looking for a Freelance Website Designer

    Hi All, As the title is saying, I am looking for a freelance website designer/creator who can make a website for my business. It would be a high end desktop hardware listing static website. Local Pune guys preferred. If any one interested, please come forward and pm me with your details like...
  4. abhi.eternal

    What are the charges for web designers?

    hi. i just want to know what are the standard charges for a freelance and professional web designers in India respectively.
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