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  1. nishantv2003

    To Sell: Brand New Moto ZN5... 5mp Cam with Xenon

    Hi guys, im here to sell my Motorola ZN5... its allmost brand new.. bought it on 26th of last month.. i have not used it for more then 3days.. bcoz my uncle got me a pixon.. n since then.. this fon is liying in the box only... its brandnew... no scratches, all the accessorys never used...
  2. P

    n73 errors!!HELP!

    m in a fix yet again..i own an n73 music edition..d thing is i store mi msgs on d fon memory..n it sez d memorys full though i stil got bout 23 mb free!!plus der r many oder errors on d fon..nw i wanted 2 format d cell as a whole inc both fon memory n mem card!thing i wanted 2 know is if ders...
  3. hellraiser

    Search of cheapest SMS junkie's fon..

    hey folks, i am in serach of fon which is capable of sending SMSes,seamless, to atleast 60 contacts at a tiime (by distribution list NOT THE MULTI SELECT). How about chinese fons....??? Can i mod chinese phone?? Which OS they usese??? Ur suggestions plz...
  4. nishantv2003

    Best WiFi Fon Under 15k???

    hi guys, i need a wifi enabled fon, cost can be upto 15k. pls tell what r my options. thanx.
  5. JohnephSi

    Nokia 5200

    will opera mini,a java application programme run on Nokia 5200 What is the processor 4 nokia 5200 ? Is it Java or Symbian. Iam asking it after thorougly surfing the mobile review of this fon
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