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  1. Garv1386

    Hardware Problem- Screen flickers & Some time Black out

    Hi Friends I require ur help in finding solution to my problem Actually i m not sure whether these r two different problems or interrelated 1)What happens that some times my screen flickers u can only notice when u look carefully 2)Some times while i m working screen goes black while CPU is...
  2. slashragnarok

    i5 2500k integrated GPU cannot handle AA

    I was just playing FIFA 11 using the iGPU of my i5 2500k. But whenever I put AA on (2x), the screen flickers and goes black. The applications works because the sound is on. Just the graphics aren't there. Any thoughts?
  3. A

    Screen flickers while shutting down

    Hi My windows 7 screen flickers 3 to 4 times while being shut down. I had no problem previously like this. I am worried, Does this mean something?
  4. Artemis

    Audio-Video Driver Problems!!!!

    I have a Biostar P4TGV-R v8.1 Mobo recently after reformatting my HDD, i installed new drivers and everything, even after installing them, the device manager shows problems (yellow Question marks) on the Video Controller(VGA Compatible) and the C-Media CI9761_512_WIN9XMENT42KXP there are...
  5. A

    evga 6800gs....monitor flickers while playing fear

    i bought an evga 6800gs........ my system configuration is : amd 64bit 2800+ 512mb ram asus k8n mobo the problem is that my monitor flickers while playing games........ help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
  6. A

    Moniro making sound

    I own a monitor which is 6 year old (purchased in Apr 2k). Recently it started making noise like falling of sand on it. It also flickers for a moment while working. Is it going to complete its tenure???? :o
  7. S

    Screen Flickers In FIFA 2005

    I recently installed FIFA 2005....the problem is that when i run the game the screen flickers (a wide black rectangle keeps coming in between)...what might be causing this??.....i have a P4, 3GHz, 512 DDR, GFX 5200XT pc.....is it because iam using an LCD monitor???......
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