1. P

    Flatbed scanner

    I occasionally need a flatbed scanner, but not often enough to justify buying a new one. So I'm looking for a used one. The seller must be willing to ship. Shipping charges and other conditions can be discussed in private. Hard to say how much I'm willing to pay as it depends on the model. As...
  2. navraj

    MFP with ability to Scan Legal sized document

    I need a MFP which can scan/print Legal sized document (216x356 cm). Since the flatbed scanners for this size are very expensive, so a model with Flatbed along with an ADF should work for me. Fax is not a requirement but no harm i bundled. My budget is around 15k. Can somebody help me in this...
  3. S

    Dedicated Best Scanner available in Kolkata India

    Dedicated Best Scanner available in Kolkata India Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a new HP scanner (dedicated one) flatbed scanner for scanning of documents on regular basis. I believe HP is the best branded company for scanners. Pls suggest good affordable model for scanners...
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