1. curioustechy

    Certain keyboard keys not working

    I bought an acer net book almost an year back. Some day back some of its keys ceased working. I googled for an immediate solution but couldn't find anything useful to me. Then I turned to this forum. I access net via my galaxy note & use the default browser as well as one browser. In both...
  2. Anorion

    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    check back here for price dropped apps Trigger Fist and Eliminator atm are free Epoch is price dropped
  3. stellar

    Operating System Swap

    I want to transfer my Os(WIN XP Sp2) to next HDD (320 GB) from the existing 80 gb which i'm using right now. Because of bigger space fist one will be primary drive and later secondary. Will software like Norton ghost help me?
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