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  1. C

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite Fingerprint Sensor Fix needed

    My Coolpad note 3 lite fell from about a metre of height and now the fingerprint sensor doesn't work. There is no Service center in my city. (There is one listed in the website Coolpad Customer Care : Budget Smartphones in Indi but they have stopped servicing for coolpad.) What should i do...
  2. quagmire

    Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner thwarted by hack

    sfhLZZWBn5Q Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner thwarted by hack - CNET
  3. Krow

    iPhone 5s review

    Disclaimer: Due to the limitations of my contract with my employer, I cannot write anything that's not been published in the company's publications. Hence I am posting my review of the iPhone 5s, whichappeared in print and on the website of my employer. Posting this here because theserpent asked...
  4. Flash

    iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor 'hacked' within days of launch

    iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor 'hacked' within days of launch - Telegraph A group of German hackers has found a way to bypass Apple's TouchID, and claims that fingerprint biometrics is an unsuitable method of access control. The group, known as the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), demonstrated that a...
  5. A

    thinkdigit.com made a mistake

    The Poll On the Thinkdigit.com has asked about Iphone 5c's Fingerprint sensor since when does 5c has a fingerprint sensor i posted a comment they paid no attention .Thinkdigit should correct their mistake. :razz:
  6. kARTechnology

    Set up personal VPN

    Set up personal VPN help! Okay now I have two networks. A&B. Both connected to BSNL internet. Network A: has 1 computers and 1 biometric fingerprint device (essl x990) (address: Network B: has 1 computer Now I can access the fingerprint device only from lan. Not over wan. I...
  7. A

    What browser finger-print consists of?

    I am developing a video streaming website. I searched on internet about how to uniquely identify unique user on web. I came across this thread -> What is Browser Fingerprint? - Wrangle This thread tells about how browser fingerprint can be used to identify unique user on web. But it tells only...
  8. G

    cheap laptop with fingerprint scanner

    I want a laptop fr my sister. She uses only fr browsing , watching videos etc only light things. But since she stays in hostel , i would prefer to add a fingerprint scanner. Cant stretch my budget beyond 30-35K. I saw few models in Dell & HP in that range. Bur i dont like both as i...
  9. speedyguy

    Recover windows password being still able 2logon

    i can use my fingerprint reader to logon to my windows account but i hv forgotten my password..... tried anyword that can possibly strike my mind but all in vain... i downloaded windows password recovery app but it will ask for a registration via credit card... can ne1 help me out plz.... ts...
  10. P

    HP pavilion dv2519tu vista driver and software help

    Hi! My uncle not happy with vista that came with my HP pavlion dv2519tu, installed XP in it. Now that I have installed vista again I am having trouble with drivers and software. I succeeded in installing almost everything but my webcam and the fingerprint reader. I got the drivers for the...
  11. desertwind

    Fingerprint based Time Attendance System

    We (at our company) have decided to implement Biometrics for Attendance systems. Seems that Fingerprint scanner is better than smart cards (avoids proxy). SO we contacted some companies providing this and almost all charges about Rs. 60,000 to over 1 lack for this. Searching on ebay, i found...
  12. K

    What More Can I Do?

    :?: I have recently bought a sony micro vault of 128 mb with figerprint access. my question is can in what other ways can be it used i mean expect the software which sony provided with it what are the other things i can do with my fingerprint reader. and also instead of typing username...
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