1. ryuuj1n

    Fifa08 Replay Problem

    Guys, I recently updated my Fifa08 squads by applying the patches from (ie Nordic patches) after that i m not able to save my "10Sec" replay. When i click it, it will ask for the filename to save and when i click ok, the "Dont Send" error comes.
  2. rohitshubham

    shutdown prob

    hey i have a problem . my computer does not shut down while the all the other devices becomes off but the cpu does not turn off and suddenly sometimes the running computer restarts without any message. And Also sometimes while playing fifa08 the game starts to run very fastly and again comes...
  3. S

    how to do chip shot in fifa08 ?

    q+d dint seem to work . thanx in advance.
  4. sanjeed007

    fifa08 or 07 online

    hey guys can u tell me how to play online fifa08 or 07.i have both.can u guys give me a step by step tutorial.i bought it original i want to play online with my friends on pc.anything will do direct ip or not. i dont know how to use direct ip comeon guys reply
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