1. ExcitelOfficial

    Excitel Community Help

    Hi, I'm here to officially represent Excitel Broadband Pvt. Ltd., a growing ISP in Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad. We vehemently oppose the idea of a fair usage policy (FUP) and based completely on redundant fiber backbone we provide symmetrical connections (as opposed to the ADSL/DOCSIS connections...
  2. A

    Optimum length of ethernet cable after fibre to ethernet media converter?

    Hello everyone, I am changing my ISP and they use fiber based line. I have used fiber based connection previously but this time I have to use about 40 feet of ethernet cable after media converter. So, I want to know whether this would affect any performance?
  3. TechnoBOY

    Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards

    Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards » Phone Rada
  4. S

    Jio Fiber FTTH

    Source: Reliance Jio Fiber FTTH 1Gbps broadband tariff plans to start at Rs 500: Report A speedtest posted by a Jio fiber user: 772433270126641153
  5. G

    Using ADSL Modem + Router on Fiber Optic Connection

    I had been using BSNL Broadband with a Belkin N150 Wireless Modem + Router. But shifted to a Fiber To Home Service. It has a GPON ONT which provides a RJ45 output. I would like to know, if this can be used along with the Belkin Modem-Router with it functioning as a Router only. It doesn't have a...
  6. shreymittal

    Difference between adsl and dsl router??

    Difference between adsl and dsl modem router?? Because i am changing my broadband provider from airtel bd to nextraworld fiber cable bd the agent of nextra bd told me that adsl2 modem router will not work with fiber bd and i have TP-LINK TD-W8961ND 300Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless with ModemRouter??
  7. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Next generation of Internet...

    Google (GOOG) is a noun, a verb and the maker of the world’s most popular smartphone operating systems. Soon it could be your Internet service provider, too. The company recently announced the launch of a new fiber Internet service, Google Fiber, in Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan. As of...
  8. reniarahim1

    1000 Mbps Google Fiber service hits Kansas City

    1000 Mbps Google Fiber service hits Kansas City Google's recently launched Google Fiber service offers that a 1,000 Mbps Internet service, which is a hundred times faster than the average Internet connection in the world, seems to be off to a great start. The search giant launched the...
  9. Nemes!s

    ADSL modem/Wifi router will work for Fiber optic conn?

    I have been using Airtel since last 3 years and recently they did some blunder and gave me a bill amounting 60K... after lot of follow ups and fight, they waived of those charges. This incident was an eye opener for me so I decided to discountiue Airtel and going for Act Fiber optic connection...
  10. W

    Sterlite Tech. bags Rs 24 cr contract from BSNL for "Fibre To The Home" project

    SOURCE Pune, India – October 1, 2008 – Sterlite Technologies Limited, a leading global provider of wire and cable solutions for the telecom and power industries, today announced that it has received a contract from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), India to supply fiber optic cables with the...
  11. Gigacore

    Google Buys a Piece of a Cable To Japan

    "Google announced that they will be part of a six-company consortium that will build a high-bandwidth sub-sea fiber optic cable linking the US and Japan. The new cable system, named Unity, is expected initially to increase Trans-Pacific lit cable capacity by about 20 percent, with the potential...
  12. B

    USB 3.0 Physical Connector Design Unveiled To Public

    Recently we just talked about the USB 3.0 specification that is going to be released in early next year. And now there seems to be a preliminary physical connector shape being disclosed during the recent IDF (Intel Developer Forum). During the event, there were few plugs and receptacles...
  13. iMav

    Lamborghini Unveils Gallardo Superleggera

    Weighing just 3,152-pounds, Lamborghini’s Gallardo Superleggera comes equipped with a monstrous V10 that generates an incredible 530hp, rocketing it from 0-60mph in just 3.8-seconds The engine hood is made of visible carbon fiber and transparent polycarbonate, a type of material that guarantees...
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