1. lywyre

    [Outlook] Setting up new Account - Fetch only mails from last n days

    I will be setting up a new account in Outlook (my existing GMail account). But I do not want to fetch all my mail, only mails from the last week or month. How can I accomplish this? Thanks
  2. bssunilreddy

    Best GTX 960 GPU under 18k

    Hi, I want to know which GTX 960 is cheapest and best regarding price to performance ratio online as well as locally here in CTC, Secunderabad. Any suggestions are welcome... Thanks & Regards, Bssunil PS: Presently have Gainward GTX 750Ti 2GB Golden Sample(GC) which would fetch me at least...
  3. T

    Get ID and Value in AutocompleteTextView

    Hi, I am newbie to android development, I am trying to set ID value from Json object and then want to fetch ID against corresponding text. Problem is how to set Id and value in autocompletetextview and fetch them, got some articles about using custom adapters but don't know how to use them...
  4. gdebojyoti

    Coupon code for Bigrock.com (domain registration and web hosting services

    Hello guys, I wanted to share this coupon code for Bigrock.in with you all. Get upto 25% off with the coupon link *www.bigrock.com/?coupon=debojyotighosh.com Alternatively just enter "debojyotighosh.com" (without quotes) in the coupon code box before check out. This will also fetch you...
  5. N

    which C++ library u have used? (MFC,Qt,etc)

    Hi there.. sorry if this is duplicate thread.. i am too lazy to search.. So i was thinking which library is more popular and will fetch more jobs.. i use Qt. thanks.
  6. mikeon

    How do I make gmail fetch mails from yahoo mail ?

    I use a main yahoo account currently and want to shift entirely to gmail, as you know gmail has a mail fetcher which can fetch mail from other email accounts also.I used it to fetch mails from an older yahoo.co.in account and it worked fine.Problem is when I try to fetch mails from my current...
  7. cynosure

    My airtel 128kbps connection gone mad today.

    Today at 3 when I switched on my internet connection I got the whooping speed as depicted in the pics. Check this out::: This is what I got after 45 minutes. Is there any way to do this everyday:D:D 128kbps should fetch me a download speed of 16... But I got a highest of 165:D 213MB...
  8. arunks

    plz help me in upgrading to ubuntu 6.10

    i got this error while upgrading Failed to fetch ftp://cipherfunk.org/pub/packages/ub...er/Release.gpg Could not resolve 'cipherfunk.org' Failed to fetch ftp://cipherfunk.org/pub/packages/ub...86/Packages.gz Could not resolve 'cipherfunk.org' Failed to fetch...
  9. mail2and

    How much will i get for this?

    Hi, i was planning to sell my current setup.. so wanted to know the indicative prices that this rig may fetch. I'm listing the components here... please mention the individual prices that the components may fetch: 1. AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 2. Asus A7n266-VM 3. Samsung DVD-ROM 16x 4...
  10. - Snake -

    Phpbb error

    I am now able to fetch out posts from my forum with they come out with an error... can anyone help! link to page with error *www.magneto.easyhost4all.info/test/
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