1. AVT

    Offline Media Player from 2 TB HDD (with audio out)

    I don't need the fancy smart android tv boxes that are nearest to what i m thinking but i want these things 1. It should have a usb connection to the hard disk drive from which it can play 720p (x265 HEVC codec wali) videos. 2. It should have a HDMI port to which i can connect my computer...
  2. Ronnie11

    Laptop for work. Budget 40000

    Hey guys, So i need a new laptop for work. Looking for good battery life, nothing fancy really and reliable laptop. Budget is 40000. Any suggestions?!
  3. B

    Trying to purchase Solid motherboard with 6k budget.

    Looking for durable motherboard for i5 4440 cpu. i'm not into overclocking,SLI/crossfire at all. just need durable MB with couple of usb3. sata 3 etc. nothing fancy. i heard gigabyte and asus are two most reliable brands.
  4. B

    Mechanical keyboard suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a mechanical keyboard in the next week or so. I have used the TVS keyboard in the past (who hasn't, lol). Are the expensive ones really worth the premium over our old desi favorite? Am gonna primarily use it for coding and don't need any fancy macro keys and whatnot...

    A no-nonsense, no fancy hardware, no larger than 14', intel based laptop with good battery and build

    Hi I urgently need a laptop. My requirements are: 1. Good battery life(more than 4hrs) in normal use in lower brightness. 6cell battery a must. 2. Good build quality. 3. Solely for development in Linux platform, so no fancy harware like dGPU and no AMD cpu/apu. 4. Fairly powerful. (Intel...
  6. tkin

    Best Wireless Router for 1.5k

    Hey guys, I'll be buying a router soon, for 3-4 person use, simple router, nothing fancy, a must have is mac access control. So suggest please.
  7. A

    15" LCD monitor - Nothing fancy

    Hello! I have a 15" laptop. I'm looking for some 15" monitor (equal in size to my laptop's screen for sake of convenience) to connect to my laptop through its VGA port and use it as a dual monitor. I'm not looking for anything fancy. Something that would get me more screen real-estate...
  8. Ecko

    Google now hawking fully unlocked G1s to developers

    It didn’t take long before people started hacking away at the T-Mobile G1, the first phone to ship with Google’s Android platform, and now it looks like Google wants to make it even easier. Starting today, Google is offering a development version of the G1 that is both SIM and hardware unlocked...
  9. ruturaj3

    Suggest Mouse

    I want to buy a mouse within 1.5k. Can anyone suggest a gaming or a fancy mouse. And which is best optical or laser.
  10. chicha

    help with HTML project

    i am suppose to make a small web site as our 100 marks project. i have an idea and i am working on it, what i want is some cool java/HTML programs that i can include in my project, just to impress my teachers. some thing fancy. :D it does not really have to go with the project topic. i...
  11. Cyclone

    Picking up an MP3 player...

    I'm thinking of buying an MP3 player. Nothing fancy, I'm a simple chap to please. 1 GB seems to be enough for me. I went through eight to ten threads posted on this forum regarding similar queries, and since a lot of you seem to favour the Transcend Tsonic 610/630, I think its the one I'm going...
  12. J

    Help: suggest a gaming PC config

    yo guyz moi have been a game freak from the time i can imagine. starting from nintendo. well i am putting up a gaming system (PC) in 2 months. could somebody advice what would be best a company gaming machine an assembeled machine what would be the specs needed. i dont want the fancy...
  13. ilugd

    Browser which does not need installation

    is there any browser which can be run directly from an exe file without installation. I remember using one, around a year ago, but it slipped from my mind. I don't need anything fancy. Just a browser which can be burned on a cd with proxy settings so that I can test the internet connection...
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