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  1. Subhankar Mondal

    apple mac os install / format

    I want to learn how to format mac book pro. no os cd is provided. Be elaborate in your explanation.
  2. D

    Which of these is the best camera?

    Fujifilm FinePix S4000 vs Sony DSC- TX9 vs Canon SX130IS Suggest which one is the best & why? please provide thorough explanation for your choice. thank you.
  3. a_to_z123

    Weird uTorrent Problem

    Hi guys, I've been facing this problem since over an year now and now I'm sure there needs to be an explanation behind it. What I've experienced over the last 1.5 years is this that whenever I download torrents with Seeders/Leechers greater than 1000 or so, I get very slow speeds. Whereas...
  4. nitish_mythology

    SCJP - Failure(vouchers)

    Attempted SCJP(SUN CERTIFIED JAVA PROGRAMMER) today... Had to get 47 questions out of 72 right to pass... N I got 46.... So I fail...... [:(] SOme bad luck n' lack of dedication from my side.... I would like to know...can I give he exam again or I have to re-register?? Will the cost...
  5. slugger

    Who is Byte?

    http://thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=85523&page=3 i was checking out this thread when i came across the member called Byte seeing the name in Green i went to the forum leaders link to take a look but his/her name is nowhere to be seen here...
  6. Gigacore

    Top 10 April Fools' Pranks for Nerds

    Need any explanation ? Follow the weird source. :razz:
  7. unni

    Scientists say nerves use sound, not electricity

    The common view that nerves transmit impulses through electricity is wrong and they really transmit sound, according to a team of Danish scientists. The Copenhagen University researchers argue that biology and medical textbooks that say nerves relay electrical impulses from the brain to the...
  8. ::cyborg::

    Domains Explained

    hi guys i have seen many people querying abt the domains like what is .com,.org etc now here is a detail explanation. http://academic.evergreen.edu/s/stieli/domains.htm http://www.lyndmar.co.uk/domains.pdf hope they prove to be helpful :-) :-o
  9. redhat

    Help in Database connectivity in VB 6.0

    Hi Guys, I am currently working on a aproject in VB 6.0. I am connecting VB to SQL 2000 using the ADODC recordset. I want to enter values into the database table, via a SQL string. Please tell me how to do this. I am new to VB and wil require a small explanation. But that will do.
  10. Tech Geek

    Adobe photoshop layers problem

    Can any one give me link which wud give me a detailed explanation of how to work with layers?
  11. J

    44.4 Gb of songs on a 9.3 gb partition on a 40 Gb Harddisk

    Anybody have any explanation for this
  12. Apollo

    Screencap of video

    Here's the thing. I tried to capture still images from a DVD ripped 'avi' file running in WMP. Used the PrintScreen key and tried to copy the image from the clipboard onto a paintbrush file. I managed to capture the screen but I couldn't quite get the main content ie. the video area from the...
  13. yrana2002

    .net intro

    can anyone give me a detailed explanation of this .net thing, how it works & its uses?
  14. R

    C tutorials

    Is there any sites from where i can download C programme codes from elementary to high level wit line by line explanation?
  15. A

    How google suggest works? Check it out...

    Hey you guys must have heard of google suggest (I saw a couple of posts here..) If not goto this Link to see the new google suggest http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en Now here is the explanation on how it works Christ Justus : Google Autocomplete Dissected. Hope you guys...
  16. doom_marine


    Could some one explain how to install rpm packagaes in SuSE 9.1 i am a newbie to linux and would like to know
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