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  1. blademast3r

    Galaxy 551 for nokia 5800

    Ok.. I hate symbian! Its too slow, too sluggish and doesnt really have any cool apps! Android apps are great and i like the querty keyboard. Is it worth me exchanging 5800 for a galaxy 551? The only things i like abt the 5800 compared to 551 are the high res screen and the camera wth flash.. any...
  2. GeekyBoy

    Accidentally corrupted simlock 3110c

    I have a problem here guys. I have a one and a half year old 3110 classic which was accidentally simlocked(maybe its corrupted)(its a long story..) and when i press the power button, it does switch on and takes me to the standby screen(which shows "No sim card inserted", obviously). But if i...
  3. T

    Anyone interested in exchanging PS3 games with me??

    Hi Guys, I have a few PS3 games that i have finished playing and i was wondering if anyone is interested in exchanging any of their PS3 games with me. Let me know which games you wanna exchange... bye, thanx
  4. pushkar

    Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

    I am planning to buy Nokia 5700 shortly. I am from New Delhi. The problem is that 5700 is not available in any store which I have checked. Can anyone inform me about nokia dealers in south delhi? I also have to buy a 2 gb microsd along with the mobile. Do stores provide option of exchanging the...
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