1. A

    Getting this fatal exception oe has occured at 017F:BFF9DFFF

    A fatal exception oe has occured at 017F:BFF9DFFF the current application will be terminated i got this error (Blue Screen) like for 4 times in 10 shut down attempts. when i shut down the computer i have win 98 512 mb ram pentium 4 845 computer why i am getting this error
  2. S

    problem in java

    i have jdk1.5 written simple program in java class Pg1 { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("HI"); } } it is compling no problem but when i run java Pg1 it give a exception java.lang "main" cannot be found please help
  3. A

    HELP java programmers

    Hi, I am trying to access a https site programmatically using SSL over Sockets. The server requires client authentication. I have the certificate that is needed for client authentication. However I am not able to access the site through my program. I have gone through the JSSE docs site and am...
  4. rakee

    Help me to setup

    I am :cry: bcoz in win 98 nowadays many of the setup files is not working.whenever i execute them a box appears bearing 'Unhandled exception' and some error number and describing that 'Incompatible version of the RPC stub'.Plz help me solve this and make me :D Gee thankx yaar
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