1. N

    Indian eSports Championship strengthens the gaming eco-system

    Essense Transmedia Pvt Ltd. and Neon Gaming have come together to bring you the Indian eSports Championship. Cafe Warz is a 48-day long city-based competition is designed for amateurs and professionals gamers along with the Gaming Cafe owners comprising of 64 teams in the playoff league. In its...
  2. P

    Idea on opening an esports gaming cafe?

    Hey guys, young college graduate and gaming lover here... I want to open a gaming cafe in kolkata that focuses a lot of esports and i’ll be hosting smaller but more frequent tournaments throughout the year and maybe a big one every year. There are only 2 other high end gaming cafes that run...
  3. rhyansy

    Team Elunes is now powered by MSI

    Mumbai, India, 1st April 2015 – Team Elunes is proud to announce that we are now supported by MSI Gaming Laptops – thus bringing our total sponsor tally up to two. Micro-Star International Co., Ltd (MSI) was established in August 1986 by 5 founders, one of the world's largest information...
  4. Katalyst

    [Invitation] Gamers Connect #3

    Inviting Digit Members to Gamers Connect #3 at Bengaluru In association with NVIDIA, MSI Notebook & GALAX We, eSports Interactive Entertainment are hosting the third edition of Gamers Connect, a meet up program for gamers at Bengaluru on Sunday, 25th January, 2015. Gamers Connect will be held...
  5. seamon

    Gaming Scholarship.

    Huh: School Offering Real League Of Legends Scholarship | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  6. N

    what model is this headphone??

    I'm looking for a good gaming headphones for 3-3.5k and these ones are looking pretty good: Tt eSPORTS HT-SHK002ECRE Headset - Tt eSPORTS: my question is that, are these headphones the Shock series or the Shock One series I've read online that the shock one headphones are much...
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