1. A

    Are SoundMagic E10S a good upgrade to the ES18?

    Got them today, but most of the threads seem to suggest they're not much of an improvement over ES18, so should I return them or keep them, and if I do return which IEM should I get for around Rs. 2500?
  2. Mizanurification

    [App] Viper4android [Easy Guide]

    Most people do know about Viper4Android and some even use it while most dont bother coz of the complex nature. This guide is for them. Earlier i used ES18, Pistons 2 and was using a Rs.90 Ubon earphone after my P2 went kaput. I'm no way an audiophile and don't like spending too much on...
  3. sujoyp

    IEM under 2k

    Hi Guys. Yesterday my 3 years old Sony XB30 died partially :D its one side not working. I would love good bass as XB30 . I use it both on laptop as well as with mobile phones for movie and music. I have tested Soundmagic ES18 and found low on Bass. XB30 had great built quality and I...
  4. H2O

    IEMs Under 1K

    Hello Everyone. I had Sound Magic ES18 earlier and used it for a couple of years. Then I got Mi Piston from Flipkart. Unfortunately, I lost it a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to get Mi Piston again but it has been out of stock in Flipkart for the past few weeks and I don't know if any other...
  5. B

    SoundMagic PL11 or ES18 or any other suggestions around 600Rs

    SM PL11 is currently retailing at 500 on amazon wheres ES18 is 650. Very tight budget so I'm wondering if paying extra for ES18 worth it? Any other suggestions at this price bracket are also welcome
  6. M

    Sound Magic ES18 VS COWON EM1

    I have had 2 sound magic es 18,Lost both :( .Was settling with samsung bundled earphones.Lost it too :( Now im looking for a new pair of earphones.Bought 2 ES 18s its pretty good stuff,but the cable tangles and the built quality is okay.Now i have noticed the cowon EM1 it has better built and...
  7. happy17292

    [For Sale] IEMs and ipad mini case - Denon AH-C260, SM ES18, Spigen tough armor

    mods please close the thread
  8. S

    SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon EM1 vs Creative EP-630

    Hey friends, I recently bought a Moto G.I am not that into listening music even then the stock earphones with the phones are not good enough.I only need the headphones while commuting between home and college.I need your expert advice to choose between these 3 : SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon...
  9. happy17292

    Need a new IEM. Should i buy SM ES18 again or there are other options under 1k [max 1.5k]?

    1.What is your budget? Ans: 1k. I can increase my budget to 1.5 ONLY if there's huge difference b/w earphone costing 1k and 1.5k 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: Music 3. What kind of Headphone do you require...
  10. TheHumanBot

    Earphones Around 1k?

    ES18 was my choice but looks like Chinese made so any other suggestions ? :-?
  11. A

    Help! Which earphone should I upgrade to from SoundMagic ES 18?

    Hi, I usually watch videos on laptop and listen to songs on mobile. I had Sound Magic ES18 which is broken. I cant find warranty centre for it. Now I am searching for next IEM. Please suggest the best IEM below rs 1000. I dont like much bass. Is the double price of PL21 over es18 justified...
  12. H

    ES18 vs ES10

    Which one is better ? Would prefer detailed comparison if possible
  13. H

    Which 1 to buy?????asap

    Guys which 1 shud i go 4...soundmagic es18 or skullcandy s2dudz-040
  14. A

    SoundMagic ES18

    Hello Guys today i got my SM ES18 Pair for me Bass is low i do not why but voice is very clear so i have to burn it or not ?
  15. A

    SoundMagic ES18 or PL21?

    I am about to buy one of these SoundMagic IEMs: ES18 or PL21... The ES18 are cheaper and have drivers of the E10 whereas PL21 has better build-quality but they are old. The ES18 cost half the price of PL21. My priorities are: 1. Sound Quality. 2. Comfort. I am really confused which...
  16. A

    compatibility of soundmajic es18 with android a70

    Will earphone-soundmajic es18 work best with android a70 mobile.pls answer quickly?
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