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  1. tuxfan

    EPABX for home

    Hi guys, I am looking for an EPABX system for home use. Need 308 (3 lines, 8 extensions) with a budget about 5-7k. Any suggestions? TIA.
  2. Akshay

    Broadbank Thru EPABX - How?

    I m having EPABX sys. on my phone line (will post its name n model no. shortly). Now I want to connect d wire to my ADSL modem as well as EPABX. 1. I want to know whethr connecting same wire thru splitter to EPABX and Modem will create any sort of problem in my DataOne Connection - like...
  3. T

    Hi Tech EPABX

    Well ! Friends, I need a very cost effective and easy solution for implementing EPABX solution for my office. The requirement is that atleast 10 lines should be provided through a common reception point. That is, if a call arrives the receptionist should pick it up and then forward it to the...
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