1. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on getting hold of Yureka Mobile

    Hi Guys, I need help from guys here who already are in posession of Yureka mobile. I need to know how can I ensure that I get this phone from Amazon.in site tomorrow. I tried to get hold of one last week and unfortunately even though I had it in my cart I initiated the purchase after 15...
  2. mannuforall

    How to Ensure Internet Security on Linux Mint 8

    Hi, all I'm a new user to Linux and using Linux Mint 8. I want to ask you that how to ensure the security on internet. For exp on mails, online shopping, etc. Do I need any firewall or internet security suit or what to do for maximum security while online. Plz assist as I'm newbie to Linux.
  3. NucleusKore

    Spore Most Pirated Game of 2008

    Source: *tech2.in.com/india/news/pc-games/spore-most-pirated-game-of-2008/53431/0 Irony hits the internet once again as EA’s Spore turns out to be the most pirated PC game of 2008. And this is after EA went all out to ensure that their game wouldn’t get pirated, penalizing legit users...
  4. soumya

    Recharge your iPod with your shirt

    U.S. scientists have developed a microfiber fabric that generates its own electricity, making enough current to recharge a cell phone or ensure that a small MP3 music player never runs out of power. Full Story
  5. T

    Matter of country's pride

    Hello friends Vote for TAJ MAHAL within 47 days of this post :cool:to ensure that it is included in new seven wonders of world at *www.new7wonders.com/index.php
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