1. Desmond

    Scientists confirm existence of elusive 117th element

    I can't believe that no one posted about this. Source : http://www.theverge.com/2014/5/3/5676578/scientists-confirm-existence-of-elusive-117th-element
  2. seamon

    WD ext. HDD.

    I am confused between WD Elements 2 TB and WD My Passport 2 TB. What's the difference between them? Which one should I buy? According to FK reviews, My passport gives full 2 TB whereas Elements gives only 1.85-1.9TB.
  3. Akira

    1TB Ext. HDD: WD Ultra or WD Elements.

    There is a good deal on Flipkart right now, from WSRetail :http://http://www.flipkart.com/wd-my-passport-ultra-2-5-inch-1-tb-external-hard-drive/p/itmdqgvabhngtzyv?pid=ACCDQGVA2SWVFGCG& Should I order this one? Or WD Elements? Or maybe Seagate? I just need a HDD to backup some data-there won't...
  4. V

    WD External HDD: Elements vs Passport

    What's the difference between WD My Passport and WD Elements? I checked the WD site but could not make out any, even the sizes do not differ much. Links to WD site: My Passport , WD Elements Also on flipkart there's a gap of rs 600 for the 1TB models: WD My Passport WD My Passport 1 TB USB...
  5. ajayritik

    WD Elements 1 TB External HDD Not being recognized by my Samsung D6000 LED TV

    Guys I recently bought WD Elements 1 TB External HDD and tried connecting it to my Samsung D 6000 LED TV. However the HDD is not being recognized by the TV. Is there something that I need to check? File System and since mine is 2.5" with no power adapter could that be the problem? Kindly help!
  6. arpanmukherjee1

    combination array

    i want to find combination of elements in an array with two rules : 1. the output should be 4 (for 4 arr elements) 2. repetitions are allowed eg {A,B,C,D} o/p: {A,A,A,A} {A,A,A,B} {A,A,B,B} '' '' '' thanx in advance.. (coding in c#/c)
  7. Sridhar_Rao

    Multiple call to javascript function: how to do?

    I have a form with a set of elements that repeat but with different names & ids. I use javascript validation on these elements. It is fine when I have only one set but when there are multiple sets, repeating the javascript code for each of them is a stupid idea. How can this be accomplished with...
  8. Sridhar_Rao

    String matching in javascript

    Guys, here is the situation. There are four elements in the form, let's say: <input type="text" name="a1" id="a1"> <input type="text" name="a2" id="a2"> <input type="text" name="a3" id="a3"> <input type="text" name="a4" id="a4"> I want to ensure that data entered by the user is not...
  9. Worried From Bugs

    Unable to Install Blogger Theme , Need urgent Help

    While installing a theme I am getting this Error: Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup. Guys My Blogger link...
  10. Gigacore

    How to block unwanted elements on Think Digit Forum.

    Well, this is tutorial is not just limited to ThinkDigit forum, it can also be applied to other forums and websites as well. The reason for the title is because this forum is favorite of many people, including me (not now, though). Recently the forum was upgrade to the latest version of...
  11. sachin_kothari

    Unicode search query in MySQL

    I am doing in web project in which i take input in a text box in hindi. I have a mysql database which again contains hindi elements. I want to match the user string with that in my mysql database. I did a search query for it, but I am unable to retrieve records from the database. How do I write...
  12. Pat

    Gartner's predictions leave plenty for Microsoft to worry about

    Source: http://www.news.com/8301-13860_3-9862322-56.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20 Link to Gartner's predictions: http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=593207
  13. R

    Urgent help needed!!How to find Number of distinct elements??

    Urgent help needed!!How to find Number of distinct elements in an array?? There is a problem I am stuck at, from yesterday. Using any loop(while, do...while, for), how to find the number of distinct elements in an array? For example, if an array "a[5]" contains 1, 2, 1, 3, 2 then the number of...
  14. aryayush

    Advanced UI technology demonstration makes the iPhone look dated

    Here’s a link to a UI technology demo that combines everything: multi-touch, gestures, physics, 3-D and icon minimization. Fasten your seat belts, if you haven’t seen it. This demo makes Jobs’ keynote look as boring as, well, a Bill Gates keynote: Perceptive Pixel founder Jeff Han demonstrates...
  15. shyamno

    Can't copy a Data DVD..

    I am having a DVD which contains some saved game files etc..which is about 4 GB..but when I am trying to copy the elements from the DVD to a drive which has 15 GB of free space ..even that it is showing the error that ""There is not enough space in the drive.Please use disk clean up to free some...
  16. arcticflare

    Home minister's comments

    shivraj patil:i think this could be a terrorist activity but we have yet to confirm...this could be some anti national elements..we should not relate srinagar blasts with these. This country is going to the dogs.
  17. D

    Opera 9.0 Preview 1 Available for Download

    Opera has released the future version of their popular desktop browser, which was set free in September, available for public consumption. The browser showcases some of the planned new features and improved standards compliancy. Opera 9 is codenamed Merlin. One of the major changes is the new...
  18. rockthegod

    EA Announces next in the NFS Series : NFS Most Wanted

    hey check out the following guys.... www.eagames.com/redesign/games/ps2/nfsmw/ EA has this game already released on the consoles..the PC version will be out thr soon. check out: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/driving/needforspeedmostwanted/ this game will take up and improve upon the...
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