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  1. F

    I want to buy Wndow AC

    Dear Friends, I want to buy window ac, which brand is good? what capacity ac should buy? area is room 120sq ft, I am living in Mumbai. I am confused between Hitachi & LG also please assist friend at the earliest.
  2. M

    Can anyone solve this puzzle question?

    This famous scrapbook enthusiast and patent-holder's first patent was issued the same year that he published his fake autobiography. According to that eponymous autobiography, what is the name of his earliest known ancestor? 1. What is the scrapbook enthusiast's last name (surname)? 2...
  3. Subro

    want to buy an android based phone under 25000 rupees, please help me guys

    hello guys, your help is required I am planning to buy an Andriod based phone under or equal to 25000 rupees. The phone should be fast & should have good internal memory, becoz I am planning to download lots of apps. If the phone has a good camera, it would be an added bonus. kindly help me...
  4. ithehappy

    4 GB RAM showing only 2 GB? Please Help.

    Hey guys I suddenly noticed today that after installing my new GPU the RAM isn't showing 4 GB under BIOS and Windows Device Manager, however in CPU-Z it's showing 4096 MB. I've installed them in correct places in my Mobo, but still! Please help me as your earliest. Have a look at the screens...
  5. A

    INTEL i486 DX2 (80486)

    hey i have an intel i486(80486) ...... no gaurantee if it is workin....but a good piece for collector's...... as most of ya know its one of earliest releases by intel,..... its a 66Mhz proccy....... any idea how much i can get for this ????
  6. M

    help dlink adsl 2+ glb-502T configuration

    how do i configure the above modem/router for bsnl broadband...plz reply at earliest...
  7. T

    importing mails including attachments

    i have netscape 4.8 working fine but i need to export these mails INCLUDDING attachments into Outlook Express 6. Please help me at the earliest my dear friends best regards Dhurairaj
  8. S

    How can i Do This??

    Hi Friends, I want to copy a song from an Audio Cd to my hard disk drive. I copied that song 2 my hdd, removed the cd and when i tried playing that song, it doesn't play. Is there any other way to this??? Please tell at the earliest.. Thanks
  9. casanova

    Automatic Updates

    Windows XP automatically checks for updates, same is true with norton. But the problem comes here that they download and install it. Does anybody know where these files are stored. With the amount of different things we try, it is almost impossible for me to let my xp survive for more than a...
  10. tuXian

    .:: Some Queries Regarding Nokia 6600 ::.

    I am planning to purchase Nokia 6600. I am doubtful that the dealer is not providing me with all the accessories that are shipped along with the phone. Hence I want to know what are the accesorries provided by the company along a boxed handset.? Moreover I would like to know about Nokia...
  11. Z

    Wanted Data Cable for Nokia 1100

    I want a DATA CABLE for my Nokia 1100 as soon as possible. Please contact me at the earliest at fatmi_zeeshan@rediffmail.com or pm
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