1. R

    Sound Magic E50 and E80?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can buy the Sound Magic E50 and E80 IEMs? Thank You in advance!
  2. Pathik

    The EEE PC is here.

    Finally the EEE PC has been launched here in Croma. It is retailing for 17,999/- only. The Price tag is a bit high. I tried my hand on the EEE after college and it is simply awesome. The HCL Mileap X sucks in comparision with it. I took a few grainy pics with my 1.3mp e50 cam. Check them...
  3. Pathik

    Nokia E50 Firmware 7.36.00 Available

    Go get it *www.nokia.co.in/nokia/0,,98785,00.html
  4. raptorz

    Nokia N72 or E50?

    Guys, I am going to buy a cell, There are the things that i want: 1. Symbian (v8 or v9) 2. Decent Speed. 3. Good Video playback support. 4. Expandable Memory 5. Good Battery BackUp. 6. I dont mind having a bad camera or no camera at all. 7. GPRS Modem With EDGE for connecting to PC. 8...
  5. linardni

    Query: Nokia E50

    Nokia E50 has got the ability to have two phone numbers in one phone. Does it have slots for two SIM cards? Moreover will both the SIMs remain active or anyone will be active at a time?
  6. A

    E50 versus L9

    Guys... PLease help me choose between MOTOSLVR L9 and Nokia E50 E50 has hell lot of applications but not FM ( ya i knw its buzness toy) and SLVR has limited applications, it has Fm and 2MP cam... Help.....
  7. O

    Why E50 is Cheaper than 6681/6630/6680?

    Nokia E50 is supposed to be a equipped with OS v9.1, 256K cols, 70MB internal memory, better browser, 1.3MP cam, Push email, QVGA display, Better Office apps, Bluetooth v2.0, But...cost is 10.3K. My doubt is why is it cheaper than older models like 6681/6630/6680? Any valid reason...
  8. arunks

    nokia E50 or 6233

    which shuld i buy i think both have price near 12K and ya e50 is symbian and 6233 is s40 and e50 has 1.3 whereas 6233 has 2 megapixel e50 has inbuilt 70 MB whereas 6233 has 6MB but it is having 64MB card with it thus making total of 70MB in it also 6233 has fm radio and it think 3d sound...
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