1. shreymittal

    SoundMagic gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O

    SoundMagic E10 gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O Guys..this happened again my SoundMagic E10 right side ones volume is low as compared to left one.I haven't use them roughly. Going to RMA them again. Can anyone here tell me hows the build quality of SoundMagic MP21 or E30..Help me
  2. elton_1991

    Headphone or IEM under 15k?

    Hi guys, I'm confused between getting the UE Triple Fi10 and the audio Technica ATH-M50s LE.I travel daily by train to college,hence wanted am IEM but was eying the M50s LE for quite some time now.Which should I get? I currently have the soundmagic E30 and Meelectronics M6,and want...
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